What can the Mental Health Carer Support Fund be used for?

  • Transport and/accommodation costs associated with visiting the person with a mental illness in hospital or accompanying them to medical appointments as appropriate.
  • Education expenses – opportunities for the carer to pursue vocational opportunities through short-term education activities.
  • Respite – opportunities for the carer to have a break from the caring role.
  • Carer education programs and conferences to enhance an understanding of mental illness, the mental health system, carer coping capacity, knowledge and self care.
  • Counseling – short term counseling provided by a practitioner outside the mental health service to address the emotional and relationship impacts of caring for someone with a mental illness.
  • Reimbursement costs (that cannot be claimed through the Department of Health concessions or other funding sources for carers) incurred by the carer on behalf of the person for whom they care when they are unwell.
  • Wellbeing activities – for carers, individually or in groups, to access opportunities, such as yoga, meditation, sporting, art, music or other recreational groups, to support their personal wellbeing.
  • The fund may be used to support an activity for a group of carers such as attendance at a sporting event.
  • Sitting fees for carers who participate in systemic carer participation activities on behalf of the mental health services such as membership of Carer and Family Advisory Groups.