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A Practical Guide for Working with Carers of People with a Mental Illness -

In partnership with AlfredHealth, Tandem is conducting a demonstration project to trial the implementation of A Practical Guide for Working with Carers of People with a Mental Illness in one of the community clinics of AlfredHealth.

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About the Practical Guide

The Practical Guide for Working with Carers of People with a Mental Illness was developed by MIND Australia and partners in 2015 to provide a comprehensive workplace manual on family and carer inclusion in mental health services . MIND Australia and partners have based their work on the UK Carers Trust models of the Triangle of Care and the Pyramid of Family Care.

The Practical Guide has adapted Partnership Standards from these models to provide a framework for Australian mental health sectors.

Tandem was a collaborating organisation in the production of the Practical Guide for Working with Carers of People with a Mental Illness.  It is a key tool towards the achievement of the vision of the organisation. With a strong investment in the Practical Guide, and a long engagement in promoting the messages of the Guide towards the goal of Family Inclusive Practice, Tandem is well positioned to co-ordinate this demonstration project in Victoria. Tandem will partner with one of Victoria’s leading Area Mental Health Services to undertake the project.
As acknowledged in the Guide, a number of individuals and organisations within Australia have already translated some or all of these standards into practice. But there has been no mechanism for measurement of the usefulness of the Guide in playing a part in assisting services to achieve the aims of family and carer inclusion and support. The current initiative by Mental Health Carers Australia and MIND Australia to auspice demonstration projects in each state is an attempt to address this. The project Tandem is putting forward is a way to realize this objective in Victoria. AlfredHealth is well positioned to partner with Tandem in the conduct of this project over the course of 2017. AlfredHealth will undertake to review current practices against the Guide’s self-assessment tools for each Partnership Standards, and to conduct specific activities and strategies suggested by the Guide to progress towards ‘compliance’ with those Standards.
The project will thus have several purposes. It will provide feedback on the contents of the Practical Guide itself, test the validity and relevance of the Standards and provide a demonstration of the efficacy of the strategies and activities that are laid out in the Practical Guide. Resulting resources and practice examples will be suitable for inclusion in the planned online repository, and will constitute some of the deliverables from the project.

Progress of the Project

Aim of the Project

Activities of the Project

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