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Victorian 10-year Mental Health Strategic Plan

Because Mental Health Matters

Because Mental Health Matters is the reform strategy document produced by the Department of Human Services in February 2009, following extensive consultation, to set out a reform strategy for Victorian Government in the area of mental health. More

Victorian 10-year mental health plan

Victoria's 10-year mental health plan sets an ambitious, long-term vision for mental health and wellbeing. It will guide investment and drive better outcomes for Victorians. More

Victorian Mental Health Reform Strategy 2009–2019: Because mental health matters

This document sets out a vision and agenda for a new phase of mental health reform, building on previous progressive developments and on Victoria's widely acknowledged leadership in this area. It aims to help us invest in the most effective interventions to deliver the health, social and economic benefits that are valued by individuals and the community. More

Mental Health Act 2014

Victoria's Mental Health Act took effect on 1st of July, 2014, replacing the 1986 Act. More

Further information

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The role of the nominated person
A Guide for Consumers, Carers and Families about the role of Nominated Persons & Carers
Advance Statements

Carers Recognition Act 2012

In 2012 the then Napthine government in Victoria passed the Carer Recognition Act which gives principles of practise to be utilised in all state, municipal and funded non-government organisations. More

Victoria's 10-year mental health plan
Because Mental Health Matters
Carers Recognition Act 2012