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Carer Support Fund

The Carer Support Fund provides funding to assist carers in their role, sustaining the caring relationship and improving the wellbeing of carers.

Fund administration.

The Mental Health Carers Support Fund is administered by Tandem. All applications have to be made through and are approved by your local Area Mental Health Service who then forward your application to Tandem for processing.

Who is eligible?

Family members or friends who are in a caring relationship with a person who is receiving services from a Victorian Area Mental Health Service are eligible to apply.

Applications may be made to benefit family members as long as the carer is the principal beneficiary.

The fund should not be used to meet consumer costs unless it is an exceptional circumstance where the carer derives the main benefit.

NB professional carers are not eligible to apply for this assistance.

What can the CSF be used for?

All applications are made through and are approved by your local mental health service.

Who can carers talk to about getting assistance?

You can get more information from AMHS staff, including case managers, carer consultants, carer peer support workers, other family support workers or your local Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS) workers. You will be asked some questions to determine the best way to assist you in your caring role.
You must go to the case manager to make an application. Whilst consulting with you the mental health service staff will complete the application on your behalf. You will need the relevant invoice, quote or receipt for the goods or service outlined in your request.

It is important to note that funds are limited. Applicants are assessed on an individual basis for approval. 

Mental Health Carer Support Fund Guidelines 2017

CSF Application Form 
Mental Health CSF: Information for Carers


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