Federal Government Policy

National Mental Health Policies, Legislation and Reports Relevant to Victoria

Please find relevant policies, documents and reports to Victoria below. To access these reports click on the link attached to them.

   National workfroce Development Strategy 2013

  Carer Recognition Bill 2010

  Commonwealth Disability Strategy Implementation Guide

  Consumer and Carer Participation Policy

  Disability Discrimination Act 1992

  Freedom of Information Act 1982

  Mental Health Statement of Rights and Responsibilities 1991

  National Carer Strategy 2011

  The Fourth National Mental Health Plan

  National Practice Standards for Mental Health Workforce 2002

  National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010

  Privacy Act 1988 - applies to professionals working in private practice 2010

  The National Carer Recognition Act 2010

  United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) 2010