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Tandem Presentation at MHFA Launch of Mental Health Week

Minister Foley hears from Tandem on important issues

MHFA MH week poster  

Mental Health Week Launch at Deakin Edge Federation Square

MHFA invited the HON Martin Foley Minister for Mental Health to officially launch mental health week in Victoria at Federation Square Deakin Edge.

The Minister presented awards to the winners of the MHFA Creative Writing Competition. Talented students from across Victorian Primary and Secondary schools. Read one of the winning poems by Year six joint winning student, Harry Enticott. The winning artwork entry for the MHFA poster, Adam Knapper, also received a prize.

The Minster spoke of the importance of ensuring that Victoria has a solid framework in place to direct the enormous change and ongoing reform that is happening in the sector; along with reducing stigma and maintaining open conversations on mental health.

Tandem and VMIAC provided presentations and a Q&A session with the audience with both organisations reaffirming the positive relationship that has been built between them through the MH ECO research project and its delivery to services developing programs that are family inclusive and co-designed by consumers (primary participants) families and carers.

The Tandem presentation covered the urgent need for an Independent Carer Advocacy Service in Victoria. The Minister confirmed that such a service would constructively help families and carers with the real issues that probited them from supporting recovery or dealing with complaints in their own right.

The capacity to save lives was highlighted in the presentation thanks to the well researched and delivered ARAFEMI Carer Advocacy Program that ran some 6 years ago.

Tandem explained that the decommissioning of this service had left far too many carers in desperate circumstances with some having lost the person they cared for to suicide. The service was seen as changing the trajectory of peoples lives. A positive acknowledged by the Minister. 

To read the Tandem presentation, click here

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