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C4C - Caring for Carers Survey Results

International Carer Survey Results Now Available

Carers matter

The shift in mental health policies away from hospital-based care makes family caregivers essential in helping people with severe mental health problems to live in the community, but the role is often challenging and has a huge impact on the caregiver's own life.The Caring for carers survey (C4C) shares the experiences of family caregivers of persons with severe mental illness: An international exploration.

The aim of the Caring for Carers (C4C) survey was to assess the experiences of family caregivers in caring for their relative with severe mental illness from an international perspective, and to highlight the central role they play. The C4C survey was undertaken in 22 countries and received over 1,000 responses, the majority (64%) of which were from those caring for people with schizophrenia/psychosis.

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