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Newparadigm - spring edition now available

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Spring 2015 edition of newparadigm journal - Holding the space: describing what’s important in psychosocial rehabilitation

The spring edition of newparadigm brings together the thinking and perspectives of leaders in the Victorian mental health space, who have agreed that we need to describe what is important in psychiatric rehabilitation, in order to influence the future of mental health in this state.

Articles in the current edition of newparadigm include:

•Contemplating what a future could, and should look like: a consumer perspective by Neil Turton-Lane
•Rehabilitation and disability support: are they the same? by Laura Collister
•Because mental health and carers STILL matter! by Julien McDonald
•Beyond NDIS – Community Managed Mental Health Services by Gerry Naughtin and Margaret Grigg
•The 50% challenge – embracing the consumer workforce by Indigo Daya
•Innovation and rehabilitation in Victorian mental health by Alan Murname
•Differentiating holistic mental health care from disability care by Arthur Papakotsias and Glenn Tobias
•A 10 Year Mental Health Strategy (VICSERV)
•Groundbreaking art studio closes after 20 years of creative recovery (Neami National’s Splash Art Studio)
newparadigm VOX POP which asked CEOs and senior managers from a range of organisations for their views on the future of mental health support services in Victoria, providing an interesting insight into the thinking out there at the coal face.

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