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DHHS NDIS Roadshow - Darebin

Minister Foley and senior NDIS representatives deliver presentation at Darebin

Minister states: NDIS; Tranformational in achieving real human success stories

This was the message delivered on Monday November 9th at the 2nd NDIS Community Forum at the Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre.

Minister Foley and senior NDIS representatives (Anne Skordis and Arthur Rogers) spoke to carers, people with a disability, their families and friends, workers from both the disability and mental health sectors, and managers from many organisations from across Melbourne and Victoria.

Minster Foley stated that the 'funding for this level of care, as a right for people with a disability, will end the waiting list roulette that is currently in existence'.

'The NDIS will create a market for services, a fair market, providing high quality skills and professionals to deliver high quality care with the person at the centre'. Providers were encouraged to use the Governments assistance to adapt services to increase quality.

The Minister also stated that NDIS assessment must encapsulate the principals of 'My goals, my aspirations, my choices for myself; empowerment that changes the landscape of service delivery well into the 21st Century with funding available for a person with a disability more than doubling by 2017.

It will be a rights based service bound by the principles of the United Nations Convention on The Rights of Persons with a Disability, and the National Disability Strategy; with partnership at the core'.

Darebin enters the scheme from July 1st 2016 with ten thousand people expected to receive a plan for support. People on DSO and on wait lists will enter the scheme earlier, including children and psychosocial disability, providing quality and decency, with independent and fulfilling lives like other citizens'.

Concerns, complaints and rights will be dealt with in a manner that keeps advocacy and support at the heart of NDIS service delivery. We need to work hard to ensure that no-one falls through the transitional cracks'.

NDIS representatives stated that, 'Funding for plans will meet what is reasonable and necessary to meet the support needs of the individual. Plans will not be capped and they are not means tested. It is also possible that family/carers can be funded for in-home care under the new agreement.'

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