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MHA Response to 2016 Federal Budget

Mental Health Australia has released a summary of provisions of the Federal Budget relating to mental health together with a statement of concerns.

MHA has welcomed the positive mental health related measures in yesterday's budget, including Perinatal Depression Online Support and measures for defence force members and veterans.  But there are significant  measures that could have a negative impact, including cuts to new Carer Payment or Disability Support Pension (DSP) receipients, and more reviews of people on Disability Support Pension.  As MHA noted, these reviews are likely to disproportionately impact people with mental health conditions. We understand that around 60% of people who lost access to DSP under the previously announced “under 35s” measure were on the DSP because of a mental health condition.

For the Full MHA Summary, click here.  

MHA have also released a short video response, here.


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