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Tandem Federal Election Statement

Help Make Mental illness a priority in this federal election

The carers of people with a mental health issue are deeply affected by the lack of investment in mental health care in Australia, and hence Tandem supports the calls of the Australians for Mental Health Campaign for all parties and independents contesting the federal election to provide adequately for the mental health needs of the 3.2 million Australians who suffer mental illness every year.

Mental Health carers are amongst the most disadvantaged members of Australian society, facing hardship, isolation, disadvantage, radically reduced opportunities and stigma. Therefore, Tandem supports the calls of Carers Australia for commitments for providing adequate funding to ensure that carer support is viable and effective, and that carers receive the services that they need.

Download the statement 

You can assist in campaigns to bring these important priorities to the attention of politicians and political parties in this election.
Campaigns to support:

Mental Health Australia
Today we are asking party leaders to support mental health. There are important reforms underway and these cannot be forgotten during the current electoral cycle,” said Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan.

Australians for Mental Health: End this Madness
We can no longer remain silent. We must #EndThisMadness and create positive change for all Australians.

Carers Australia
Let's use this election to improve the lives of family and friend carers
In releasing its pre-election document, Carer supports: addressing collateral damage, Carers Australia is focusing its “asks” on a set of proposals that will improve the effectiveness and address gaps in current support services for carers.

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