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Launch of the Healthtalk Australia website

Yesterday saw the launch of a website containing personal stories of health and illness experiences on film and audio

Yesterday in Melbourne saw 2 important events for mental health carers.  A panel to discuss 'supported decision making' and the results of a research project which has been investigating whether supported decision making enhances the recovery of people with severe mental health problems; and the launch of the healthtalks Australia website.


The website gives the opportunity to listen to Australians from all walks of life talk about their health and illness experiences - about diagnosis, treatment, impact on relationships and daily life, recovery, about caring for someone else with a health condition and more.  Two topics are of particular interest to carers of people with a mental illness:

Mental Health Carers' Experiences

Mental Health and Supported Decision Making

Tandem has been a partner in the supported decision making research project, led by Monash University and in partnership with HealthDirect Australia, and congratulates the project team on the outcomes of the project.

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