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Tandem Inc. launched June 5th

The Carers Network has become Tandem. The VMHCN's new name and logo was launched on June 5th by Mrs Patti Newton and Ms Georgie Crozier, State Parliamentary Secretary.

Carers and carer workers, and representatives from the Department of Health and across Victoria's mental health sector, gathered at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Melbourne's CBD to ring in the new name and brand of Tandem Inc.

Mr Rod Quantock, comedian extraordinaire, was master of ceremonies and jester all rolled into one.

The event began with a heartfelt speech by young carer, Lisa Sweeney. Lisa told of her incredible journey from the age of 10 with her brother as they traversed acute care through various hospitals and community teams.

Tandem Chair, Colin Fryer and Tandem Executive Director, Julien McDonald, outlined the history for the VMHCN and how the Board, staff and members had come to the decision to change the organisation's name.

Ms McDonald went on to outline an inspiring list of strategic plans for Tandem over the coming years. 'There is a lot of work to be done' she said. The new focus and refreshed image certainly inspired everyone in the room.

Ms Georgie Crozier explained how important it is to have a Carer Peak organisation in Victoria and how delighted the government has been to work with Tandem over the years. She highlighted many achievements that have been made through working in close partnership with Tandem and our representatives and members.

Mrs Patti Newton, well known Australian entertainer, icon and wife of the infamous Mr Bert Newton, gave a wonderful speech on the art of resillience. Patti explained how her life has had many ups and downs. She went on to talk about she has been able to learn and thrive even through times that have been challenging and quite harrowing.

Patti highlighted the importance of family, having interests that sustain and nourish, and acknowledged that everyone 'has a cross to bare'. There were a few laughs shared, as would be expected from Patti, but there was also a more thoughful side to Patti's presentation that mental health carers and workers could relate closely to. Many found her life story to be inspiring and expressed how pelased they were to have been able to hear her story.

The launch finished with the unveiling of the new brand, logo and Tandem brochures followed by a suitably scruptious morning tea that was served to all.

Photos of the event can be found here.

You can download a copy of Lisa Sweeney's speech by clicking here.

To view the DVD of Lisa's speech, click here

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