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Mental Health Carers Register

Information Session - 9 November 10 - 11am - Tandem Office

Facilitator:  Lorna Downes   |   Information Session Presentation

The Tandem Mental Health Carers Register is a pool of trained mental health carer representatives from across Victoria, who work at the state level to provide a strong carer voice in the mental health sector. Members of the Register use their lived experience, knowledge of the mental health system and communication skills to advocate and promote the issues and concerns of mental health carers. The Tandem Register is being established in 2017 in response to a request from the Victorian Department of Health & Human services, and will be managed by Tandem.

What do Tandem Register members do?

Tandem Register members will have lived experience as mental health carers, with skills and expertise in advocacy, policy development, communication or leadership. Members will have opportunities to apply for Victorian state level mental health carer representative positions, participate in events and speak at forums and conferences. Members will attend training designed for Tandem Register members.
Representatives are expected to keep up to date with current trends and issues in the sector, and provide reports on representative activities.

State level representation

Tandem is regularly approached by a wide range of initiatives seeking state level mental health carer representatives. Tandem will promote these opportunities to Register members.
Opportunities may include, for example, representative positions on state committees, boards, working groups and evaluations, as well as speaking opportunities at conferences and events.

Development opportunities

Induction training, ongoing development opportunities and support are available to all Register members.

Tandem Annual Conference

Each year, Tandem will host a  conference, where member of the Register will gather to discuss issues and opportunities.
These two-day conferences aim to further develop the representative skills of mental health carers already participating in state policy initiatives. In particular, the workshops are designed to develop representatives’ advocacy, policy development and leadership skills.
They also provide an opportunity for members to discuss issues important to mental health carers, as well as network and share representative experiences.

Further information

If you are interested in applying to join the Tandem Register please click here.*

If your organisation is seeking a mental health  carer representative(s) please email us

Organisations seeking a mental health carer representative should contact Tandem to discuss the process of identifying and engaging a suitable representative. Once organisations have discussed the representative role with Tandem, information about the representative opportunity will then be sent to Tandem Register members. Expressions of interest for the position will be sought at this time, and interested members will be asked to provide a written application.

If you would like further information about the Register, please contact Tandem by phone or email