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Resources for mental health carers

The Carer Statement
Plan nominees and guardians
Carers Australia
Carers Victoria
Mental Health Australia


Tandem Tip Sheet

NDIS First Plan Conversation: Tips for mental health carers, families & friends (pdf)

The Carer Statement

A Carer Statement is used to inform NDIS about nature of care given by carer for first plan and reviews. The NDIA does not have a formal template for the carer statement so every carer statement will be a unique.

Carers Australia have provided two de-identified examples of a typical Carer Statement to assist carers in preparing their own Carer Statement. (These statements are a guide only.)

Example 1 (pdf)    Example 2 (pdf) 

template for a NDIS carer statement is also provided by Mental Health Carers NSW. 

Plan nominees and guardians

Plan nominees will have a duty to ascertain the wishes of the participant and make decisions that maximise the personal and social wellbeing of the participant. There are two types of nominees, a plan nominee or a correspondent nominee. If a guardianship arrangement is in place, the presumption is that the guardian will be appointed the nominee.

NDIA decision making guide (doc)
The Office of the Public Advocate’s guide can be used to determine when decision-making support, advocacy, and substitute decision making is needed for current and potential adult NDIS participants who have significant cognitive impairments or mental ill health. Other information is here.

Supported decision making for potential NDIS participants with phycosocial disability (pdf)
This fact sheet is for people who would like, or may need, support to make decisions. It is also for carers, families, professionals and other people who provide support for decision making.

Carers Australia

Carers Australia can link you with another carer who has already supported the person they care for to transition across to the NDIS through their Peer to Peer Project. Videos of other carers sharing their learnings about the NDIS are also available on this page.

Introduction to the NDIS for Mental Health Carers
Carers Australia in collaboration with Mental Health Australia delivered a webinar on 21 October 2016, for mental health carers on the NDIS. The aim of this webinar is to support mental health carers to understand the NDIS and provide information and resources to help support the person you care for, engage with the Scheme.

Carers Australia offers a NDIS carers forum.

Carers Victoria

Introduction to the NDIS: Planning for the future (pdf)
This is for carers of people with a disability who have decision making difficulties to help them think about what is important when planning for the future. It contains practical tips, tools and resources about detail the areas of life that are important to people with a disability.

Mental Health Australia

Mental Health Australia and Carers Australia have developed a Guide for Mental Health Carers on the NDIS and a Mental Health Carer Checklist to prepare for NDIS assessment and planning meetings. The guide and checklist provide information to help carers support the person they care for to engage with the NDIS effectively.

NDIS Guide and Checklist for Mental Health Carers (pdf)

Checklist for Mental Health Carers on the NDIS (pdf)

Fact Sheets (pdfs)
The NDIS and mental health: Introducing the NDIS
The NDIS and mental health: Am I eligible for a package of support?
The NDIS and mental health: Achieving your goals
The NDIS and mental health: What services can I choose?


Information for families and carers

Support for carers