State Government Policy

The following represent the most pertinent legislation, policies and frameworks, and relevant historical documents for mental health service delivery in Victoria

 DHHS Mental Health Consumer and Carer Program review (Deloitte Access Economics)

 Mental Health Act 2014

 Mental Health Act 2014 DHHS Handbook 

  DHHS Mental Health, Wellbeing, Social Capital & Ageing Division - New Arrangements

State Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (2006).

 Because Mental Health Matters - Victorian Mental Health reform Strategy - 2009 - 2019

Caring together - An action plan for carer involvment in victorian public mental health services

Chief Psychiatrist's Guideline - Working together with families and carers
Doing it with us not for us - Victorian DHS 2006 carers 

Doing it with us not for us - strategic direction 2006

  Family & carer participation & involvement in Victorian public MH services - progress report 2013

Framework for Recovery Oriented Practice – 2011  

Guardianship and Administration Act 1986 - incorporating amendments as at July 1, 2010  

Health Records Act 2001 - applies to professionals working in private practice  

Health Services Act 1988 - incorporating amendments as at December 22, 2005 

In Partnership families, other carers and public mental health services 1996 

Instruments Act 1958 - incorporating amendments as at December 1997  

Local complaints management for Victoria’s public mental health services - Oct 2009

Medical Treatment Act 1998 - incorporating amendments as at July 2006 

Mental Health Act 1986 

New Directions for Victoria's Mental Health Services The Next Five Years September 2002 

Review of the Mental Health Consumer and Carer Support Program 2008  

Standards for Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Services - June 2004  

Strengthening consumer participation in Victoria's public mental health services 

Victorian Charter and the Equal Opportunity Act 1995 (Vic)