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The CORE Project

The aim of CORE is to establish how co-design methods can improve recovery for consumers, increase mental health and well-being for carers and change staff attitudes to recovery.

Participating Mental Health Community Support Services are located across metropolitan and regional Victoria. The study is designed as a 'stepped wedge cluster, randomised control trial'. The clusters are teams delivering Mental Health Community Support Services and they receive the modified version of  Mental Health Experience CoDesign (MH ECO) randomly over eighteen months in one of three phases.

Initially consumers and carers in a participating service cluster will be invited to provide information about their experiences of the services through a computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI) administered by university researchers. Findings from these interviews will be explored during face-to-face interviews and separate focus groups held with staff, consumers and carers. This will be followed by meetings where staff, consumers and carers all come together to set objectives and formulate action plans based on the outcomes. This full process will occur over a six month period in each service and will be facilitated by researchers from Tandem and VMIAC.

The project is funded by the Victorian State Government Mental Illness Research Fund (MIRF) and the Psychiatric Illness and Intellectually Disability Donations Trust Fund (PIITTDF).