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Who we are

Tandem is the Victorian peak body representing carers of people experiencing mental health challenges.

A carer is a family member or friend who supports a person with this experience.

Tandem members include:

What we do

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that the importance of the contribution, expertise, experiences and needs of families and other carers is recognised and that these needs are addressed.

Our vision

Families and other carers of people with mental health challenges will be partners in treatment, and service delivery, planning, research and evaluation. The lived experience of families and other carers will be key drivers of policy and program formation at both the individual and systemic level.

Our values

Our goals

At Tandem, we advocate for:

We strive to:

Tandem Brochure & Application Form
Participation and Engagement Framework 2014
2017–2020 Tandem Strategic Plan
2013–2016 Tandem Strategic Plan
2010–2013 VMHCN Strategic Plan

Tandem gratefully acknowledges the funding provided by the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services.