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Tandem Working Groups

Each year we work with our members on a variety of issues identified by carers and the priorities in our sector. To do this we form or join working groups, made up of members, to plan and advocate on these issues. At present our current working group committments include:

In addition, Tandem convenes the following working groups:

Mental Health Workforce Development Group

Members of the Workforce Development Group contributed to the National and State government discussions on workforce strategy and policy via participation in statewide roundtables, working groups, including a carer round table facilitated by Tandem. 

This group also oversees the development and/or delivery of training modules for undergraduates and mental health professionals:

Carer issues

Carer issues are identified and worked on through monthly Tandem meetings and working groups. Carer issues and policy positions are taken to State and Federal government officers and Ministers via:

If you have an issue relating to our aims, please contact one of the member organisation representatives who will bring it to the Network. Alternatively, you can email us on

You can be informed of Tandem's progress, working groups and research on carer issues by becoming a member. For more information on how to become an individual or organisational member click here.