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Workplace giving

What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving is a simple and cost-effective way to support Tandem’s work by making regular donations from your pre-tax income, through your employer’s payroll system.

What are the benefits of a workplace giving program?

Workplace giving programs benefit the employee, the employer, and all people affected by mental health challenges. It’s a simple, no-fuss way to donate, and your ongoing commitment helps us secure our future in service planning with confidence.

Because donations are made from your pre-tax pay, your tax deduction is immediate. There is no need to collect, keep and claim receipts.

For your company, the program demonstrates your seriousness about social commitment. Workplace giving brings staff together to take a shared action on the important issues impacting on their lives and their communities and can boost morale and loyalty. Some employers may choose to match employee’s donations – a great way to lead by example and motivate staff to give.

How do I set up a workplace giving program?

For employers

Setting up workplace giving is an easy way for your company to demonstrate your commitment to your staff and to the community. You can set up a program in-house, or engage the services of one of the organisations below who specialise in setting up workplace giving programs:

For employees

Does your employer already have a workplace giving program that you can join? If so, talk to the program or payroll manager and register to donate to Tandem. If not the organisations listed above can give your helpful advice about first steps.

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