The Mental Health Carer Register is designed to provide carer representation whenever required by groups and organisations in Victoria who need to include and understand the perspective of families and carers.

Organisations may be seeking carer engagement in their initiatives, advisory mechanisms, committees and review panels, or they may be seeking carer feedback on aspects of their activities. In 2017/18, Register members have contributed to:

  • Reviews of clinical facilities, and aspects of clinical care in the MH sector.
  • Development of the NDIA's understanding of mental illness, and subsequent changes to their access processes for psycho-social disability.
  • User testing and feedback for the new Mental Health Tribunal websitee.
  • The voices heard in video teaching resources for mental health nurses.
  • Speaking at mental health awareness event for state government staff about the role of mental health caring, and the mental health system.
  • Testing resources developed by area mental health services.
  • Conference presentations on current issues and experiences with the NDIS.
  • Focus groups providing feedback to the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist for the development of Frameworks and Guidelines for mental health clinical services.

There are currently 50 members of the Tandem Mental Health Carer Register, representing a wide range of experiences and with a diverse range of backgrounds. When an organisation approaches Tandem, we work to find the best match to the request from the organisation.

If your agency or department is seeking engagement with a mental health carer representative please email us and let us know:

  • What kind of carer involvement is needed (presentation, membership of a committee, focus group, feedback and review etc).
  • How many carers you are looking for.
  • If it will be a single event, or multiple dates, or an ongoing commitment.
  • What areas of expertise/experience you are looking for.

The details of a representation opportunity can then be fully explored in conversation with Tandem, after which Tandem will approach suitable Register members. Detailed communication with organisations helps to ensure that the expectations of the carer participant are clearly outlined and are communicated clearly to potential representatives.

After the event or activity, there is an opportunity for the organisation to provide feedback to Tandem, and the carer will be provided with a de-brief, and feedback will be given to the organisation.

For further information, and to request carer representation, please contact us at [email protected]

Become a Tandem Mental Health Carer Register member