Who we are

Tandem is the Victorian peak body representing family, carers and supporters of people living with mental health challenges. Tandem’s mission is to provide leadership and coordination for the community of individuals and organisations who seek better outcomes for Victorian mental health carers.

Tandem is a member of Mental Health Carers Australia, a national advocacy group solely concerned with the well-being and promotion of mental health carer needs.

What we do

  • We advocate for family and friend involvement in planning and care, participation in system change and support.
  • We promote and support the development of the Mental Health Carer Workforce and leadership.
  • We inform and empower family and friends to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
  • We promote and collaborate on the delivery of training on family inclusive practice for mental health professionals.
  • We provide information, education, and training to family and friends supporting people with mental health issues.
  • We support and advocate for the diverse needs of family, friends and other supporters of people living with mental health issues.
  • We collaborate on research and policy development on matters in relevant areas.
  • We raise community awareness about the important role of family and friends in mental health recovery.
  • We administer the Carer Support Fund which provides financial assistance to carers of people registered with Area Mental Health Services in Victoria.

Tandem’s members include family and friends (carers* and former carers), regional carer networks and support groups, organisations with a significant mental health focus, and those working in the sector.

* A mental health carer is a family member, friend or supporter of a person living with this experience.

Our values

The following values are embodied in Tandem’s work and mission:


We communicate honestly and put into practice our mission and values.


Our statements and actions are supported by evidence.


By representing the voice of Victoria’s diverse community of mental health carers, we are confident in our advocacy and influencing roles.


By acting with integrity, credibility, and authority; we encourage people to trust us.


Our resources, partnerships and programs are fully committed to achieving better outcomes for Victorian families and other carers of people living with mental health issues.


Our communications, advocacy and influence are free from institutional bias.


We commit to finding and working on solutions to the problems we identify.


While seeking to work in partnership, we recognise our obligation to provide leadership for those organisations and individuals who seek to improve outcomes for Victoria’s mental health carers.