Eight Family and Carer-led Centres have opened across Victoria in 2023. Tandem has led work to co-design the model for the Centres in partnership with family, carers and supporters of people with mental health challenges.


About the Family and Carer-led Centres


Victoria’s Family and Carer-led Centres provide support for family, carers and supporters of people with mental health challenges.
The Centres were a recommendation by the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.  (You can read about them in chapter 19 of Volume 3 of the Royal Commission's final report).

The Centres are led by staff who have lived experience supporting someone with mental health challenges. 
There will be one Family and Carer-led Centre in each of the Department of Health's eight regions for the delivery of mental health services.
The providers for the Centres are: 

  • Barwon South Western: Wellways Australia (lead) with Satellite Foundation and Bethany Community Support
  • Gippsland: Wellways Australia (lead) with Satellite Foundation
  • Grampians: Mind Australia (lead) with Ballarat Community Health and Grampians Community Health
  • Hume: Gateway Health 
  • Loddon Mallee: Mind Australia (lead) with Mallee Family Care 
  • South East (metro): Star Health (lead) with Connect Health and Community, and Central Bayside Community Health (partners)
  • North East (metro): Access Health and Community (lead) with with Self Help Addiction Recovery Centre (SHARC), healthAbility, and Inspiro (partners)
  • Western (metro): Jesuit Social Services


Read Tandem's media release announcing the first seven providers on our Media page.

As with all state government services the budget for the Centres is set by the government.


What do the Family and Carer-led Centres do?


The Centres provide a warm and welcoming space for families, carers and supporters. They provide information, support and access to funding.

The Centres are being co-designed by families, carers and supporters, in partnership with Tandem. 

The Royal Commission recommended that the Centres:

  • Each have a physical location and an online presence
  • Provide information about supports and services available in each region
  • Connect families, carers and supporters with the right support as available 
  • Offer after-hours access in some form 
  • Provide families, carers, friends, and supporters with access to funds to help with immediate practical needs
  • Support older carers with transition planning 
  • Help families and carers to navigate the Mental Health and Wellbeing system and other supports 
  • Support volunteer-based family and carer peer support groups in each region


How can I stay informed about the Family and Carer-led Centres?


We will publish updates about the Family and Carer-led Centres on this webpage.

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