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Individual membership

Tandem's membership is made up of individuals that may be:

  • Family members and friends (carer) of someone who has mental health issues.
  • Former carers and those linked with carer groups.
  • Representatives of state-wide and regional/metropolitan mental health, and other, organisations that have a significant mental health carer focus.
  • Professional staff from carer support programs and mental health services.
  • A carer academic or researcher.
  • People with a real interest in the advocacy this area.

A carer:

  • may be a family member, partner, friend or other person;
  • may be of any age;
  • will commonly be actively involved in caring for and supporting a person with mental health issues, with this role not necessarily being a static role but rather a role that is capable of fluctuation over time according to the needs of the person with mental health issues and the carer;
  • will commonly have their life impacted by the wellbeing of the person with mental health issues, and commonly undertakes for the care of and support of a person with mental health issues in a voluntary capacity and not as part of their career or employment.

If this fits you, it is easy to become a member of Tandem. Simply click the link below.

Individual Member

Organisational membership

Organisational membership is open to associations, companies or other organisations (not being an individual) which is a carer organisation or has a significant carer focus.

Organisational Member