The Tandem Awards are for people and services who have significantly improved the experience of family, carers and supporters of people in the mental health system in Victoria.



Nominations for the 2024 Tandem Awards will open soon.

You must be a member of Tandem to put forward any nominations.

If you are not yet a member of Tandem, but would like to make a nomination please join here. 

2024 Tandem Awards Guidelines

Nominations can only be made by families, carers and supporters of someone with mental health challenges (with the exception of the Chief Psychiatrist Award) for Victorian based services.

Nominations are made every year in the following categories:

  • Individual – Clinical
  • Individual – Community
  • Service – Clinical
  • Service – Community
  • NDIS Family Champion
  • Carer Lived Experience Workforce (CLEW)


  • The nominator is a carer, family member, friend or supporter
  • The nominator is a Tandem member
  • Nominees must be 16 years of age or over when nominations close.
  • Tandem staff and Board members not eligible to nominate (with the exception of the Board Chair who decides on the Chair’s Award) or be nominated during their term of employment or Board membership.

Judging Panel

The judging panel will meet in November 2024 and will consist of:

  • The Chair of the Tandem Board
  • A general representative of the Tandem Board
  • The Tandem CEO
  • Tandem staff Representative
  • A representative of the Office of the Chief Mental Health Nurse
  • A representative of the Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

Selection Process

The judging panel will select a winner from each category. The decisions of the panel are final.


All nominations are strictly confidential, and the information provided will be used only to assist with the judging process. Any publicity photos will only be used with the permission of the nominee.

How are nominees advised?

Nominees will be advised in writing that they have been nominated for an Award and invited to attend the Awards Ceremony.

Are nominators advised?

Nominators are advised that the nominations have been received and invited to attend the Awards Ceremony.

The winners of all Awards must remain confidential until announced at the Awards ceremony to be held at the Tandem office on Thursday 5th December, 2024.