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Family members or friends who are supporting a person with mental health issues are eligible to use Tandem’s Support and Referral Service.

The Support and Referral Service provides Tandem members with individual advocacy, support and referral through an Advocate.

This may include:

  • Assisting family and friends to understand their rights and responsibilities under relevant legislation and service policies and procedures;
  • Empowering members to advocate effectively on their own behalf; and
  • Providing family and friends with appropriate referrals.

Family and friends can access this support and referral service by becoming a member of Tandem.

For more information please call 1800 314 325 or email [email protected]

The Advocate can advise on the use of the Nominated Persons and Advance Statement components of the Mental Health Act.

Other organisations that may be able to provide support and information that is relevant to you include:

Independent Mental Health Advocacy

Support and advocacy on behalf of people receiving compulsory treatment.
(03) 9093 3701

Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council

Support for consumers not receiving compulsory treatment.
(03) 9380 3900

Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner can support carers with complaints on behalf of the consumer.
Freecall 1800 246 054

Health Complaints Commissioner

[email protected]
1300 582 113

Justice Connect

(including Seniors Law)
Freecall 1800 606 313

Seniors’ Rights

1300 368 821

Homeless Law

Freecall 1800 606 313

Social Security Rights Victoria

(03) 9481 0355

Legal Aid

1300 792 387

The LIV Legal Assistance Service (LIVLA)

This is a referral service that acts as a facilitator of pro bono legal assistance between the community and the legal profession. The service is administered by PILCH. The Law Institute of Victoria Legal Assistance Service (LIVLAS) is a referral service that facilitates pro bono legal referrals, linking individuals experiencing disadvantage and not-for profit organisations who support them with pro bono lawyers in Victoria.

It provides access to justice to those members of the community:

  • who have meritorious legal problems.
  • do not have sufficient funds to retain a solicitor.
  • cannot obtain appropriate legal assistance from another service provider.
  • from Community Legal Centre or Victoria Legal Aid.
  • from Legal resources and organisations.
  • find a lawyer.
  • find helpful resources.